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Beyond the Pandemic:
Leading in the New Healthcare Landscape

The evolving healthcare delivery system requires highly skilled leaders with a learning mindset who can handle change, identify challenges, and develop solutions. Leading the uncertain and evolving healthcare environment requires a new type of leadership. It requires a leader skilled, willing, and able to plan and direct staff but more, it requires a leader who understands the power of influence and the power of teamwork. The new healthcare leader and possesses self-awareness and resilience. Working in healthcare in the post-Covid world requires working with people on shared goals and across disciplines and departments is the route to success.

The course begins with each participant completing a self-assessment to gain insight into their current performance and competency levels. Next, leaders engage in situational case studies/dialogues about best practices. Using the outcome of Extended DISC assessment, a tool that measures how an individual prefers to interact with others, participants work in small groups and experience interacting with different leadership styles. The course ends with the leaders completing a Personal Commitment Tool, a brief guide for using their strengths and leveraging resources that enables them to rise to the challenges in leading in healthcare.

Program Objectives

  • Gain insight into personal leadership style and how it affects performance
  • Delve into your motivations and perceptions about the work environment
  • Assess your current level of resilience and chart actions for improvement
  • Use guidance from the Extended DISC assessment in the workplace
  • Commit to achieving personal and professional goals

Course Length:

3 weeks; 1 session per week; 3 hours each session

Who Should Enroll In this Course:

Frontline / mid-level leaders working in healthcare