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We Believe In The Human Potential To Lead

Lifelong Learning Matters

Everyone Has a Leader Within

Healthcare leaders “live” in all areas of the healthcare system. They live on the frontlines as providers, nurses, registration and support staff. Some are line supervisors, managers, directors, senior and executive leaders. We believe in the potential for everyone to learn and grow, so that they can make contributions to lead change in an environment where every voice counts and matters.

Our Mission

To discover and activate the leadership potential that resides in us all

Our Vision

To empower those working in healthcare and those seeking healthcare services to create collaborative, healthy and caring environments

Our Values






Co-Design Is the Way of Change

Creating and learning together as we work collaboratively in a team-based culture to improve the patient experience and learn and sharpen skills for personal and professional growth. Using essential tools in human-centered design (HCD), co-design engages everyone involved in the process of making needed changes. Co-design respects the knowledge and experience of those receiving care and those providing care. It is a core tenet of our work.

Unleash the Power of Partnerships

We believe in inclusion. Working with patients and staff, we will develop a healthcare system that is compassionate, responsive and efficient. We will establish new relationships between patients and staff to support a revitalized healthcare system. In our Communities of Healthcare Practice (CHPs), we will engage community leaders and staff, patients and their families in dialogues and workshops that draw from our experience as consumers of healthcare services to develop innovative solutions and improvements.

Leverage Multi-cultural Knowledge

Drawing from diverse populations, we aim to embrace leadership best practices that honor and respect those being served. Through co-design, talent optimization, personal and professional development, leaders create environments of compassion and organizational efficiency that are responsive to patient and staff needs and value the cultures served.