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We Believe In The Human Potential To Lead

Lifelong Learning Matters

The Leader Is Within

We understand and champion the importance and impact of healthcare management leaders on the delivery of care, service and experience. We work to create a new paradigm for the education and development of healthcare leaders so that they can create a more compassionate and responsive healthcare workplace. We focus on students considering healthcare management as a career, people transitioning from other sectors into healthcare management, and entry and mid-level frontline leaders working in healthcare. Our “unbounded” approach for educating healthcare leaders draws from an “inner voice” that drives those to consider or work in the field. We aim to listen, learn, and co-create as we build the future workplace. We believe that the “Leader is Within.”

Our Mission

To discover and activate the leadership potential that resides in us all

Our Vision

We envision empowered healthcare staff that work with purpose, strive for mastery, and lead with kindness.

Our Values






Learning is Transformational

We believe in life-long learning as a way of improving the healthcare workplace and, more broadly, our careers and lives. For us, life-long learning is more than a mindset, more than a strategic tool. Healthcare needs a new type of leader, one not just ready, able and skilled to handle current demands but one who is resilient, thoughtful and that can lead staff through the known and unexpected. Developing the healthcare leader of the twenty-first century, requires the embraced competencies of the moment and a more inclusive model of the knowledge available in other fields. We are explorers of a new educational paradigm that includes the behavioral sciences, business, medicine, and the humanities. In our work and through our work, learning will transform how we think, and how we work and, in the process, create the future healthcare workplace. We are still learning.

Co-Design Is the Way of Change

We design new ways of working by activating creative solutions and using human-centered approaches. Co-design is the way to create supportive environments that focus on the staff experience. Embracing concepts like “teaming” and research on organizational behavior, the successful healthcare leader will engage and empower staff to use process improvement approaches and tools to effect change. Drawing from the success of the medical field, the experience of the business sector, and the insights of the humanities, co-design will enable leaders to gain insight and empathy as they work toward new ways of working with and for staff. Together, we learn, innovate, and build a new healthcare workplace.

Partnerships Are Fundamental

We believe in unbridled inclusion and diversity through the power of partnerships. Healthcare, at its core, is about partnerships, partnerships between clinicians and patients, partnerships between leaders and colleagues, and partnerships between organizations and communities. Good healthcare leaders understand the importance of partnership development. Excellent healthcare leaders work with partnerships. Great leaders build, nourish, and leverage partnerships. These leaders create connections, and establish Communities of Healthcare Practice (CHPs). They take risks and trust in both individual and collective intelligence. We partner with them to grow and improve.