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About Us

Purpose-Driven Work

Leslin envisions a new and revitalized healthcare system, a system driven by staff who are connected to purpose, committed to lifelong learning, and able to use and leverage their individual intellect and creativity. We work toward developing partnerships between clinicians, staff, and patients and summon the power of collective intelligence to (re)create healthcare environments for staff, patients, and the community.

  • Leslin believes in life-long learning to activate the leader within.
  • Leslin respects experience and embraces diversity and inclusion.
  • Leslin trusts in the power of collaboration to effect change.

The Leslin team is comprised of experienced leaders and educators, and we offer a broad range of services ranging from career assessments to training programs, coaching, and mentoring for leaders in healthcare. We aspire to activate a learning mindset in all, whether for those new or experienced in healthcare (or other industries), in the classroom, or on the frontlines. We believe that real and sustainable change occurs when staff is trusted, respected, included, and skilled. Change occurs from within when people are offered opportunities to learn and master their crafts and supported to realize their full potential.

We are not the ordinary training, advisory, or research organization.

Strength of Experience and Innovation

Experience accelerates innovation and progress and we are experienced. We have worked on the frontlines of public and private health and faced the challenges that staff experience every day in delivering healthcare services. We have weathered many “storms” in our work, storms like Hurricane Sandy, storms caused by staff burnout, storms brought on by mass causalities, and storms like the recent COVID-19 pandemic. We have worked on the “inside,” on the frontlines with staff, patients, and communities during these storms. We are trained, tested and resilient. We know what it takes to to overcome “storms” and gain strength from them. We work across disciplines, and through hierarchies. We work with laser focus to support staff in their care of each other and of patients.

We are experienced professionals, teachers, coaches, and mentors who have developed and implemented internship programs, precepted physicians, and mentored nurses. We work in the public and private sectors, with unions, consultancies, communities, and management too.

Values-Driven Work

  • Trust is earned, not given. We strive to earn trust as a reliable partner who works by promise-keeping.
  • Our work ensures that those doing the work are part of both the decision-making and implementation process.
  • Collaboration is a twenty-first-century core competency. We collaborate to learn, grow, improve, and act.
  • Innovation fuels our work. We strive to create the future healthcare workplace by experimenting, learning, and working across sectors.
  • Growth is organic and occurs within and individuals and organizations. We develop leaders from within who are exceptional leaders who lead exceptional staff.