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About Us

Our Purpose-Driven Work

The Leslin Healthcare Leadership Foundation (TLHLF) envisions a new and revitalized healthcare system, a system driven by staff who are connected to purpose, committed to lifelong learning, and able to use and leverage their individual intellect and creativity. We work toward developing partnerships between providers, staff, and patients and to summon the power of collective intelligence to (re)create healthcare environments for staff, patients, and the community.

  • TLHLF trusts in the individual’s ability to activate the leadership qualities that reside within us all
  • TLHLF encourages self-development and self-discovery to awaken inner leadership talents
  • TLHLF believes change occurs when staff have the skills and support to handle the challenges of the workplace

The TLHLF Team is comprised of experienced leaders and educators, and we offer a broad range of services ranging from assessments to training programs, coaching, and mentoring for all levels of leaders in healthcare. We aspire to activate a learning mindset in all, whether for those new or experienced in healthcare (or other industries), on the frontlines, or in the boardrooms. We believe that real and sustainable change occurs when staff is trusted, respected, included, and skilled. Change occurs from within when people are offered opportunities to learn and master their crafts and supported to realize their full potential.

We are not the ordinary training organization,
consultancy, or research organization.

We have worked on the frontlines of public and private health and faced the challenges that staff experience every day. We have weathered many “storms” and led staff through crises. We have developed and implemented major strategic and operational initiatives to reach goals. We know how to get people to work together across disciplines and hierarchies to reach common goals. We have served as mentors and preceptors, worked in senior and executive positions but have always remained with and on the frontlines of work. We have worked in and with governmental and private agencies, with unions and with administration.

In brief, we have walked the walk and lived the experience for over 30 years. And we know that change and improvement start with respect for the people and that respect begins with inclusion. Partner with patients in their care and healing will begin. Include staff in decisions and they will lead you to the best choices. Inclusion is the cornerstone of our work. Embrace a simple foundational concept, “Nothing about me, without me.” Apply this concept and improve patient care and staff engagement as well as productivity. Embrace this concept and gain patient loyalty and trust and improved health outcomes. Live through this concept and a new culture and workplace will emerge. Respect begins with inclusion.

Our 5 Guiding Principles

  1. We will show respect through collaboration- promote and develop early and mid-career healthcare staff by collaborating with them to activate the leadership qualities that reside in them
  2. We will instill trust by inclusion-build between and among healthcare workers that will optimize identification of challenges and enable co-design of solutions
  3. We will share and co-learn and co-design by committing to a growth mindset that embraces cultures and disciplines to continually improve
  4. We will ensure inclusion and diversity through participation by driving our work to shared outcomes
  5. We will unleash innovation and creativity by working toward psychological safety where every voice matters and is heard