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Our Work

We aim to be a leading resource for breakthrough, positive change in the education and development of healthcare leaders. Through our individual and collective work, we aim to broaden and improve healthcare management education through active involvement, open dialogue, research, and innovation. We focus on those considering healthcare management as a career, entry and mid-level managers, dual careerists, and career changers.

First and foremost, we are teachers, mentors, and life-long learners. We offer workshops, webinars, and events that develop and sharpen competencies for today and, through our unique cross-sector curriculum, strengthen leaders for the challenges of today and prepare them for the unknown challenges of tomorrow. By traversing the bounded approaches of sector-based education and healthcare discipline silos, we create laboratories for learning and growth.

Second, we partner with healthcare organizations and academic institutions. Our partnerships ensure that students have access to the healthcare delivery system offering opportunities for internships and networking. Our collaboration with schools supports continued growth and development. We work to nurture a life-long learning mindset.

Third, we undertake and collaborate on research, and participate in conferences and briefings about the future of work and the new healthcare management leader. Our team comprises leaders in academia, medicine, law, research, human resources, psychology, sociology, management, and the spiritual community. Through their work and expertise, we aim to activate Communities of Practice in healthcare management where innovation is embraced, and new ways of working evolve.

Fourth, we develop and revise a curriculum that integrates the humanities into healthcare management education. We believe that the humanities, history, philosophy, foreign languages, and others, offer insights and competencies needed in the future workplace, in the new world of healthcare management. We build knowledge and strength from the medical and business fields as we imbue these fields with learning from the humanities. Our work grows from established medical humanities programs for physicians and nursing.