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A3 Thinking: From Idea to Action

The demands of the current and emerging healthcare environment far exceed just developing discrete and transactional competencies that meet the immediate needs of the workplace. Healthcare leaders must think before acting and use their analytical and cognitive skills to formulate new. A3 Thinking offers a new path for planning and acting. A3 Thinking is a project management tool, but more than that, it provides new ways of framing issues, conceptualizing, and innovating solutions.

While learning about the A3 approach, students gain self-awareness, develop insight, and work purposefully. A3 Thinking can be used to improve service and to build a career; it is an efficient way to chart a course of action. In discussing A3 thinking, Repenning, Kieffer, and Astor state, “There are few management skills more powerful than the discipline of clearly articulating the problem you seek to solve before jumping into action” (MIT Sloan Management Review).

Be prepared for a different approach to management, and be ready to use your experience, knowledge, and the strengths you already possess in this workshop. By completing the workshop, you will gain knowledge and confidence and be prepared to handle simple and complex challenges, navigate the medical disciplines, work and collaborate across department lines, and build flexible teams. Walk away with a tool and the power of confidence to use it for operational improvement, enhanced staff and patient experience, and personal planning too.


  • Gain confidence in relying on your experience and thinking about problem-solving
  • Learn about the importance of thinking and planning to make personal and professional progress
  • Develop an understanding of the foundational philosophy and principles of Lean Management, Teaming and Psychological Safety
  • Use A3 tool for the three key management processes


  • Develop competency in using the A3 tool


  • Learning to Change: Continuous Improvement in Health Care Management
  • Applying the principles of Lean and Foundational Principles A3 Thinking
  • The Power of “Fresh Eyes” in change management
  • Developing the A3, Its Components and Use; shaping a Background Statement
  • ⦁ Understanding the Current, Prepare for the Known and Unknown
  • ⦁ Developing Your Competency Portfolio: A3 Thinking as a Professional Asset

Course Length:

3 Sessions; 2 hours

Who Should Enroll In this Course:

High School students, undergraduates and graduates; frontline staff, entry and mid-level leaders

* Courses and workshops are scheduled per mutual agreement with partners