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Work with Purpose, Lead with Kindness-The New Social Contract for Healthcare Leaders

Creating a new healthcare delivery system begins with changing the staff experience of the workplace, virtual or in-person. The experience of the workplace is shaped by communication, inclusion, and respect. Some workers are on the frontlines caring for patients like physicians and nurses, phlebotomists, and respiratory therapists. There are those that work on the frontline registering patients for services, cleaning patient rooms, or protecting the facility. Others, ensure that the operation runs smoothly like those in administration, emergency management, buildings, and grounds. Others still may work remotely part-time or full-time.

Do all these essential workers feel a sense of purpose in the work they do day-to-day? Are they aware of the contributions they make to support care and safety? What is the relationship of feeling a sense of purpose, meaning, and connectedness to staff engagement and productivity? We use dialogue and small group discussion to explore these questions, questions that are emerging are more pressing than ever before.

In some ways, the experience of pandemics provides insight and guidance for leaders today. We will learn from the past as we examine how healthcare delivery systems and their leaders changed from past health system challenges. Next, we will consider the current pandemic and connect and identify the similarities and differences to earlier times. Finding our way through the COVID pandemic offers us like it did our predecessors, an opportunity to make a change, to (re)new ourselves, (re)connect with our staff, and (re)find a way forward and toward a new type of healthcare environment. The day is filled with examples of history and its successes and failures as we look beyond the U.S. healthcare system and continue how other countries deliver care. In this session, we hope to create a safe space to explore ideas, share stories and reframe our purpose as leaders. We will use tools to assess our current state, dialogue to explore our ideas, and work toward creating a personal insight portfolio for personal and professional use.

Program Objectives

  • Learn about past pandemics and compare them to our current state
  • Gain clarity about your current role and purpose for working in healthcare
  • Develop insight about your personal style of leadership
  • Participate in powerful dialogues to share and explore ideas and experience
  • Build your personal insight portfolio for use in and outside the workplace

Course Length:

1-day session; 2.5 hours

Who Should Enroll In this Course:

Non-clinical Leaders

* Courses and workshops are scheduled per mutual agreement with partners