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Careers Academy

What Does the Leslin Healthcare Careers Academy Do?

The Leslin Careers Academy works to build healthcare management leader-practitioners who are ready and able to improve the current workplace and build the workplace of tomorrow. We partner with employers, academic institutions, and individuals, drawing from the best practices in medicine, healthcare, business, and social service sectors. We provide educational and advisement services to those at various stages of the healthcare career journey. Our commitment to education and learning, unique in its approach and enabled by our clinical and non-clinical experts, imbues and ignites a sense of purpose in work. We trust and respect each individual’s knowledge and experience and embrace it as we learn and teach. Together, we create new futures in the healthcare management field.

National Center for Healthcare Leadership Model

Where Are You on the Healthcare Management Career Journey?

Are You Considering a Career in Healthcare Management?

We offer personal and professional interests and skills assessments, industry overview workshops, job forecasts, foundational and advanced knowledge, and skills development.

We build on the professional expertise you already possess and offer programs that will enhance your existing skills. We encourage you to add to our body of knowledge by sharing and using your professional education and experience to create new ways of working in service to the patient.

Do You Already Work in Healthcare?

The Academy supports those exploring healthcare careers, career changers, expanders, and dual-career staff, too. We use models that include inter-professional education and collaborative practice models, as developed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Whether you work on frontlines, in supervising or managing practices, patient care areas like pharmacy, dental, rehabilitation medicine; in support services like registration, environmental, or food services, we can help you build on your current experience and knowledge so that you can move to the next level of performance in the field.

Do you work Outside of Healthcare?

For those transitioning from other areas into healthcare or different industries, such as Hospitality Management, Finance, or the military and social services.

Our work respects the skills and knowledge of other industries and works with you to share and contribute to creating new ways of working in healthcare.

How Do We Work?

Our Work Starts with You and Your Current State

In our collaborative learning environments, we work to understand your current state and your personal and professional interests and help you create and realize your goals.

We learn from you. We begin with learning about your work experience and skills and together move through an exploratory journey with you.

As a starting point and frame for our work, we use the NCLH Healthcare Competency Model.  This validated and accepted model for leadership and education offers insight into the field’s structure and the skills needed in healthcare leadership.  The model allows us to move forward as we innovate and create personal and professional development plans.

What Services Do We Offer?

  • Career Interest and Skills Assessments
  • Workplace Experience, Simulations, and Immersive Learning
  • Workshops, webinars, and programs
  • Personal/Professional Development Plans (PDPs)
  • Lean Management Approaches for Improvement
  • Customized Curriculum Development (LCCD)
  • Internships, mentoring, and advisement Services