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Please support our work in developing a new paradigm for delivering healthcare services based on trust, respect, and inclusion. The new paradigm will be built by the growth and development of emerging/current mid-level leaders, front-line supervisors, and patients. Our workshops, advisement services, and research support the growth of self-development, personal and professional goal-setting arising from insight, skill, and service. Much of our work with schools and healthcare institutions are offered for free and supported by donations and/or grants.

The past eighteen months have highlighted the importance of staff in the healthcare system. We ask for your support so that we can offer opportunities that will allow them to make valuable contributions to the healthcare field while exploring careers and instilling a sense of purpose by working in healthcare. We ask for your contribution so that we can support the frontline heroes whose work has helped us through these difficult times. We ask for your support so that we can reach more people and form communities of practice to hold dialogues in our workplaces, build networks of support, to continually improve our services. Help us so that we can help others.

Use the form below to donate by Paypal, send a check to the address below.

General Supporter – ($20.00+)

  • Early invitation to all workshops and events
  • Listing in the annual report

Healthcare 2030 Emerging Leaders Internship Program – ($500.00 - $2,000.00)

  • Stipend for a High School student internship
  • Sponsor recognition on website
  • Listing in the annual report

Better Tomorrow Growth Stipend for Frontline Workers ($2,000 - $5,000)

  • Supports a healthcare entry-level worker to earn a micro-credential to grow in the field
  • Recognition on website
  • Sponsor recognition certificate/presentation
  • Listing in the annual report

Healthcare Change Agent Sponsor ($5,000 – $10,000)

  • Support for overarching goals of Foundation; supports site offerings in schools
  • Promotion in community media
  • Recognition on the website
  • Change Agent Plaque/presentation with community leaders
  • Listing in the annual report