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Action Plan

Where are we going?


Over the next 5 years, we will co-create a new paradigm for developing healthcare leaders for the twenty-first century






How Will We Get There?


  • Partnerships with industry leaders and academic institutions to research and develop a paradigm for healthcare management humanities
  • Establish dialogues with students, entry-level healthcare managers and career changers focusing on their vision of the future of healthcare management
  • Conduct and collaborate in cross-sector research in the future of work, competencies


  • Develop “practitioner” and micro-credentialing programs to develop/sharpen competencies for managing healthcare services
  • Explore and create new approaches of integrating the training healthcare managers including the potential for including the humanities
  • Establish a Future Work Lab for the Healthcare Management Humanities to promote research and experiment with approaches for developing healthcare leader


  • Design a new paradigm and curriculum for healthcare management education
  • Redesign current curriculum to integrate selected humanities into healthcare management education
  • Revamp career workshops and embed simulation, AI/technology and experiential training


  • Participate in healthcare management conferences, panels and research to offer insights from experience and learning
  • Work with labor and management in management and leadership program development and implementation
  • Engage with academic institutes and academies on cross-sector competencies and the future of work