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Micro-Credentialing in Healthcare Futures

Short on time? Interested in positioning yourself for an upcoming career opportunity? Getting ready for a career change? Then, this is the program for you. Learn about the world of micro-credentialling. By investing in short-term learning opportunities, you can earn industry-accepted recognition of your skills. Micro-credentials allow you to earn badges, certificates, and diplomas in specific subjects, fields, or capabilities for use in the workplace. Hear from experts in the field who share their ideas about how to (re)set yourself for success in healthcare. In this session, you will receive resources to use and information about online courses and credentials that enable you to quickly pivot and take steps toward your healthcare career goals. By the end of the session, you will have your Action-Now plan in hand.

Program Objectives

  • Learn about short-term training and competency building
  • Identify ways that micro-credentials can support your career goals
  • Target specific competencies and credentials for development
  • Obtain resources for your use in earning credentials
  • Develop your personal Action-Now Workplan 2022

Course Length:

1 day; 3-hour session

Who Should Enroll In this Course:

Frontline/mid-level leader

* Courses and workshops are scheduled per mutual agreement with partners