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Advisory Services

The current and future healthcare workplace needs leaders who are connected to purpose and work with mastery, using their skills and competencies for success in the short and long-term. We leverage our experience in the clinical and non-clinical areas, in the public and private sectors. We have worked on the frontlines, supervisory, management, in senior leadership, and in the C-Suite positions. Our approach to work is to work side-by-side with our colleagues and so uniquely positioned to offer our partners real-world insights and feasible action plans.

Our Advisory Services focus on three broad areas: education and development of entry and mid-level managers; improving the student experience, development and management of internship programs, and curriculum development. We abide by three principles: drive change by activating a sense of purpose; respect experience, and work toward developing “trusted” leaders who themselves have the power to change and, as a result, change others in the workplace.

Entry and Mid-Level Managers

  • Career and Individual Assessments (PI)
  • Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
  • Appreciative Inquiry and Lean Management Development
  • Coaching by Certified Coaches
  • Professional Development Planning (PDP)
  • Measurements of Success (MOS)

Student Experience

  • Voice of the student (VOS) Surveys
  • Organizational Assessment of Student Engagement/Support
  • AI/Technology Integration
  • Market Analysis and Application
  • Student Engagement Program Development
  • Student/industry partnerships
  • Establishing Internships-precepting and mentoring

Internship Services

Internships offer immediate and real-world opportunities for students, career-changers, and frontline managers to gain work experience and insights into working in healthcare. Our team has extensive experience and an outstanding track record of successfully supervising, advising, and developing interns and partnering with colleges and healthcare facilities. We establish, develop, and work with internship programs, work closely with industry partners and unions, and integrate professional organizations into the experience.

Services include:
  • Establish partnerships with healthcare organizations and academic institutions
  • Develop and implement job descriptions, interviews, and placement of interns in healthcare practices
  • Develop supervisory support systems for learning and development
  • Career workshops, guest speakers, simulation experiences
  • Assisting facility staff with resolving issues arising from internships
  • Develop career paths with industry partners for interns

Curriculum Development

  • Current curriculum review, assessment, development
  • Market analysis and capitalization
  • Student Population Identification and Program Development
  • Organizational capacity and goals
  • Cross-industry sector partnerships
  • Industry and professional organizations collaboration