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Advisory Services

Leslin Healthcare Advisory Services

The twenty-first-century healthcare delivery system requires a workforce that has a learning mindset and leaders intent on respecting staff by committing to their development. The new healthcare workplace needs both leaders and staff to be connected to the purpose of their work demonstrate mastery in day-to-day performance. We leverage our experience in the clinical and non-clinical areas, in the public, private and community-based sectors to create sustainable change agents and changing environments. We have worked on the frontlines, in senior leadership positions, and in the C-Suite.

Our Advisory Services abide by three principles: drive change through purpose; respect the people doing the job to solve the problems; develop “trusted” leaders who have the power to change the workplace. Simply stated, we work toward effecting change organically, from within the existing organization and by those working there.

We work with academic institutions and healthcare delivery systems to offer, and support interns the experience of healthcare. In this work, we partner to ensure communication and alignment of the interns with the host facility; we work with site leadership and offer career workshops and intern development. Our Advising Services also focus on developing frontline staff and entry and mid-level leaders to develop insight, competencies, and career plans for success.

Healthcare Advisory Services:

  • Coaching by certified coaches to optimize performance
  • Lean Management system skill development for process improvement
  • Frontline staff engagement and development; participatory management
  • Individual Plan Development and career counseling
  • Mid-level management reskilling, upskilling for success
  • Strategic, operational, and tactical planning

Student Internship Advisement Services

Healthcare offers a world of career opportunities for students and opportunities for employers to share knowledge, shape the next generation of healthcare workers and benefit from the support of interns in the workplace. Our team has extensive experience in successfully partnering with colleges and healthcare facilities, coaching, and mentoring interns, offering career workshops, placing interns in healthcare environments, working with healthcare staff, and ensuring that school requirements are met.

Services include:

  • Partner with academic institutions regarding internship interests and “fit” for the onsite experience; assist with placement
  • Intake interviews with interns and coordination with site pre and post-facility orientation; site scheduling coordination; tours (virtual and on-site)
  • Review of goals of with intern and meetings throughout the internship to ensure goals are fulfilled
  • Individual coaching sessions for interns and consultation with the site supervisor
  • Career workshops, guest speakers, simulation experiences
  • Assisting facility staff with resolving issues arising from internships
  • Attend college meetings and training sessions as needed.