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The Friday Forum Symposia

The Friday Forum Symposia is a year-long leadership series offered to leaders in healthcare facilities/systems that address large-scale, strategic, and operational challenges of managing healthcare in the twenty-first century. The sessions encourage critical thinking, understanding, and networking. Monthly gatherings are informal and feature expert/guest speakers from the field and outside of it. Active learning and experiential opportunities are embedded in sessions that encourage collaboration and networking.

Each session includes presentations that last between 20-30 minutes. Presentations draw from the fields of medicine, art, history, business, and other areas in the humanities. By focusing on an academic/practice model, Socratic dialogue is used for sharing ideas, problem-solving and critical thinking. Sessions strive to provide a sense of renewal for participants. The Friday Forum Symposia has been offered for 11 years, engaging over 800 leaders. The Friday Forum was developed and is led by Dr. Linda C. Lombardi, (Adjunct) Professor. (1.5-hour sessions, offered monthly for 8 months; all levels of leadership)

* Courses and workshops are scheduled per mutual agreement with partners